Medlin Accounting Software
Accounting software for those looking for a simple and easy to use system to handle your bookkeeping, such as journal entries, ledger entries, and accounts payable.  Medlin Accounting Software is compatible with current versions of Windows, including Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.  Medlin Software has been featured in PC Magazine and PC World.  Medlin Software is a Shareware Industry Association Award Winner, ZD Net 'Editor's Pick', a Windows Users Group Network 'Pick of the Week', and is rated 'Best of the Internet' by PC Computing Magazine.

Considering Medlin Accounting as a replacement for your current software?
Medlin Accounting Software can fill the needs of those who are looking to change accounting software.  We encourage you take advantage of our free trial, by downloading and installing before you order.

See how easy it is to begin using Medlin Accounting Software
View an excerpt from the program documentation.  Includes a standard chart of accounts so you can be up and running in minutes.  Includes instructions for beginning to use Medlin Accounting Software in the middle of the year.

Try Medlin Accounting Software for free!
Download and installation takes less than 2 minutes, even with a dial-up connection.  To start the process, click the 'Download & Install' menu link on the upper left of this page.  There is no cost to try Medlin Accounting Software (yes, you can download and test the software for free)!

Who uses Medlin Accounting Software?
Small Businesses, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Churches, Fraternal Organizations, anyone needing an affordable easy to use accounting program.

Preprinted Check Forms - Check Paper
Medlin Accounting Software can print on many blank check paper styles, including most types of check stock you have purchased for other software.  Order guaranteed compatible preprinted check forms at  Free sample forms are also available.

Blank Check Stock - MICR
If you prefer using blank check stock instead of pre-printed forms, order Medlin Accounting and our MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) check printing software.  Add Medlin MICR Printing for a one time additional cost of $48.  Order guaranteed compatible MICR check stock and MICR supplies at

Updating from a previous version of Medlin General Ledger and/or Medlin Accounts Payable?
Medlin Accounting Software will import a copy of your existing data from Medlin General Ledger and/or Medlin Accounts Payable.

The Basics Program Details Checks and Reports

No monthly fees!
Medlin Accounting Software is licensed (paid for) once per version.

Any updates (to the same version) are available for download at no extra cost.

Reports can be printed and/or reprinted ANY time during your accounting year.

Optionally show shading bars on reports.

Need to reprint January's Income Statement in June?  Medlin Accounting Software can do it!

View Sample Accounting Reports
Transaction Listing (two styles)
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
General Ledger
Account Summary
Trial Balance
Unpaid Invoice Listing
No internet connection required!
Medlin Accounting Software is installed and run on your computer, not ours.
Quick Check - Create and print a check to an existing or new payee in seconds. View Sample Payee Reports
Payee Listing
Payee Activity
1099-MISC (for filling in blank forms)

Medlin Accounting Software is licensed per computer.  No limit to the companies / clients you can manage on the licensed computer.

If both client and accountant license Medlin Accounting, data can be exported and imported between client and accountant.

The Bank Reconciliation screen has simple point and click interface to help you quickly reconcile your bank account.  Retains outstanding checks for the next reconciliation. View Sample Checks
052L / 785 (check body on top)
750L (check body on top)
800L (check body in middle)
MICR 129 / 131 (check body on top)
MICR 135 / 136 (check body in middle)
MICR 495 (check body in middle)
Retains up to five years of entries. Import paycheck figures from Medlin Payroll Software - Import charges and payments from Medlin Accounts Receivable Send reports by e-mail
Save reports as PDF files
Save reports as text files (CSV)
Save reports as image files

Checks and Deposits - Entry Screen
Medlin Accounting Check Entry Screen

More Screen Views: Journal Entry, Invoice Entry, Pay Invoices, etc.